The Nail sanctuary we are very proud to have some award winning nail technicians.

Nail Extensions are applied to lengthen your nails and the tips can be done in variety of colours and glitters, including French (white tips). Also available which is a very popular choice is to have a set of natural nail extensions done, and have a full colour or glitter painted over it.

The decision to have gel nails or acrlyic nails is different to everyone. Acrylic tends to be more hard wearing and can be soaked off in 100% acetone. Gel has to be cured under UV light and has to be filed off, how ever it is more flexible and is better for those with oily nails. Both gel and acrylic nail extensions should be filled or removed after about 3 weeks. Not doing so , can cause damage to your nails.

Have a look at our Gallery to see some examples of our work.